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Product Overview
Project investment in Clean Development Projects and similar Carbon credit generating projects needs to be carefully managed.  ProPlan provides full lifecycle management of CDM and JI projects from the perspective of an Investment manager or Project Developer.
ProPlan helps an organization managing multiple projects in multiple locations collate all the information and track the portfolio value and any issues affecting projects. It also helps manage the forward Sales position of Carbon Credits by maintaining Allocations from Projects on a forward-dated basis and highlighting potential shortfalls based on under-allocation and risk scenarios.
ProPlan is highly flexible and may be customized by your organization (or by CarbonOps , working with you) to fit exactly with current internal processes for risk-modeling and tracking important events,  or use the default setup to define your practices and adapt the product as your organizational procedures change. Either way, ProPlan is built to facilitate evolution of any process models and products as your business processes change or evolve with this rapidly changing market.
ProPlan has been successfully deployed to a number of Funds in the Financial Services sector to manage CDM and JI project portfolios.
Key Features:
Project profiling, capturing the key milestones and stages in the CDM/JI lifecycle
Risk management
Cost management
Funding management
CER Distribution capture and management
Realised and Unrealised Profit and Loss calculation and analysis based on market factors and prices
Fully web-based desktop interface, no plug-ins required

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More Software Solutions
CarbonOps also provide solutions specifically for Utility companies EU-ETS compliance and Clean Project Investment portfolio developers.
Proplan (CDM/JI Management)
Product Overview
The Carbon Registry Services CPCP solution is a software package that has been adopted by leading industry players to allow them to manage their emissions portfolio. Functions range from emission capture through to trading and compliance.
For companies with multiple installations, joint ventures or multinational sites, CPCP can track and aggregate emission data, trading activity, forward prediction and actual emissions to provide the consolidated risk management required at board level.
CPCP has been successfully deployed to large-scale UK Energy Providers. It is also currently under consideration as the preferred platform for a number of EU Energy Providers.
CPCP covers a full spectrum of environmental compliance schemes allowing companies to manage their multi-national portfolio, for example EU ETS, IPPC, UKETS, UKCCA, US DOE, and NL Nox.
CPCP covers a wide range of products from CO2, SO2 and NOx through to Mercury and Water. This enables all power and industrial sectors to be covered including process emissions. It is a flexible system that can be configured to cover further products quickly and easily as the industry evolves.
CPCP System Features 
Combustion and process emission data capture.  
Emission forecasting
Trade capture and reporting
Confirmation and invoice management
Registry interaction
Allowance tracking
Risk management
Pre verification reports
Fully web-based, no plug-ins required

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