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Carbon Data Review
System Implementation
Smart Meter installation
Carbon Trust loans
Carbon/Energy Reduction
Carbon Offsets
Carbon Compliance Consultancy
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The ClimateLinked software provides an ongoing internal understanding of Carbon data and Carbon reduction programs. Performance is visible to all levels of the organization allowing effective financial planning, including carbon allowance purchases, carbon reduction implementation planning, and compliance cost allocation.

The Dashboard helps save time and cost managing your carbon data. It is a complimentary solution for your environmental sustainability team.
Record and report on energy, travel and waste emission information
Record and report all types of primary and secondary emissions using a flexible modelling system built to incorporate any type of emission data source as requirements evolve. The model is configurable through the system itself. ClimateLinked contains models for the CRC and other emission schemes that can be used simultaneously on the same set of data sources, using the data sources as appropriate to each reporting scheme. The models can easily be customized, extended or modified.
Carbon emission information is reportable at all levels of the hierarchy from the emission data source, through the site or premises and right up to the parent company.
Up-to-date Carbon Emission Calculations
The hosted system is maintained with all relevant emissions factors as published by the Environment Agency and DEFRA, ICE etc. This keeps carbon footprint calculations compliant with the chosen reporting scheme.
Configurable for your organization
The ClimateLinked platform is highly configurable according to individual user's  needs and viewing preferences and can be incorporated into the company website pages
Upload automatic meter read information for utilities for each site.
Gather real-time emissions data.
ClimateLinked supports a variety of input feed types for the automated load and processing of data from emissions sources, inclduing AMR, smart-meters, and internal IT systems.
Evaluate emission reduction options, comparing actual performance against planned targets
ClimateLinked records planned emission reduction actions. The intended reduction is shown against actual emission outcomes to track effectiveness. This can be recorded and examined at any level, including at emission data source, so meaningful comparisons between actual and planned emissions can be made.
Produce reports compatible with requirements for the Carbon Reduction Commitment Scheme and other reporting schemes.
ClimateLinked supports all standard CRC reports. In addition, ClimateLinked supports the Qualification, Registration and Determination process for CRC emissions inclusion without requiring Sustainability Team users to have a detailed understanding of the CRC scheme provisions to complete these tasks effectively.
Record information for mutiple sites
ClimateLinked is designed to scale to thousands of sites, each with multiple distinct emissions sources. The standard hosting platform is also scalable according to a client's requirements.
Additional ClimateLinked Services - More than software
ClimateLinked offers support services to compliment the software. These include:
Meter review and installation
Automation of data collection
Integration with internal systems
Carbon and Energy Reduction Consultancy
Carbon Standards - independent verification for coverage
Administration - report submission and allowance purchase
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