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ClimateLinked Enterprise Carbon Management Platform

ClimateLinked is an enterprise scale solution for carbon reporting, built on a robust, scalable, secure, secure and proven platform deployed in FTSE-100 companies. It has demonstrated capabilities of supporting hundreds of users and collecting thousands of data points per day from a variety of sources, including internal and 3rd party systems. It is fully configurable.
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ClimateLinked Features (PDF)
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Carbon Data Review
System Implementation
Smart Meter installation
Carbon Trust loans
Carbon/Energy Reduction
Carbon Offsets
Carbon Compliance Consultancy
We have successfully implemented our software across multiple sites for major international organisations, supporting hundreds of users and collecting thousands of meter readings and other emission data daily. We understand the implementation challenges for large scale carbon reporting systems and have a proven track record of delivery.
What is ClimateLinked?
Carbon management and reporting web-platform to ensure cost-effective compliance with your reporting scheme and effective internal carbon management. With Additional services available to ensure rapid and successful deployment, including verified compliance with the chosen reporting scheme (including CRC), smart-metering installation and energy monitoring solutions for a complete end-to-end solution.
About ClimateLinked (PDF)
ClimateLinked software ensures compliance by guiding an organization through the complex and changing requirements of carbon reporting schemes, including the Carbon Reduction Commitment, Carbon Trust Standard and the GHG International Scheme.
The Dashboard acts as the primary carbon data repository building an up-to-date reporting solution for carbon. This enables the completion and submission of the official reporting requirements of any scheme quickly, easily and cost-effectively.
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The ClimateLinked platform supports the following:
We also offer associated consultancy services. This may include: