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CarbonOps has been involved in the Carbon Market for 5 years, since its inception Our team has participated in Emission Trading conferences, worked with Government agencies, Project Developers, Clean-Technology Investment Funds, Private Companies, Building and Facilities managers and Utilities.

We understand the business of sustainability. The need to :
Our mission is to help make sustainability a positive, cost-effective and stress-free business activity.
If you,

Then CarbonOps can help you review your current organization emission data points, make recommendations for automation of data collection, including smart-metering planning for automated data collection and real time monitoring.

We can help you smoothly integrate a ClimateLinked platform solution to capture and track emission data. This will help the organization understand usage patterns and identify cost-effective reductions in energy consumption.

We can give you piece of mind that you are compliant with any chosen scheme with a full post implementation review of the system by qualified Carbon Consultants and help you plan and implement further Carbon reduction plans in the organization with experienced carbon project managers. We can even introduce interest free loans from the Carbon Trust to purchase new energy efficient equipment for these projects.
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