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Making it all happen


We are able to implement and integrate any combination of solutions in any size organization by working with our meter installation partners and carbon consultants. We offer front-to-back energy & carbon management and reduction solutions according to your requirements. Our knowledge of and access to the carbon market can provide you with clean technology project support and carbon-offset allowance purchases.


Front to Back services for a full Carbon Management strategy and compliance peace of mind
Automating energy and emission data collection
Initial Data collection availabilty review
Smart meter installation
ClimateLinked platform deployment for ongoing management
Savings through energy and carbon reduction
Identification of Energy Reduction and Carbon reduction actions
Compliance pre-audit and approval
Access to Carbon Trust interest free loans for Carbon Reduction projects
About Us
CarbonOps was founded in 2004. Our enterprise carbon management solutions have been deployed at major utilities, corporates, investment funds and carbon offset companies in the UK and abroad. Our platform is scalable, robust and secure and meets all the requirements of multi-national enterprises.
ClimateLinked - Carbon and Energy data management and reporting.
Proplan - CDM/JI Project Management
CPCP - EU-ETS Compliance and Trading for Utilities
Full range of implementation services :