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You cannot manage what you don't measure

About Us

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How CarbonOps can help
CarbonOps has been involved in the Carbon Market for 5 years, almost since its inception.  Our team has worked with government agencies, utilities, Kyoto Clean Development Mechanism project developers and clean-technology investment funds and participated in emission trading conferences.
The team has many industry contacts and relationships which we leverage in our product development and consultancy services. We seek to engage with other industry participants and to join in steering groups on climate change to remain fully aware of developments in the carbon market.
Our team has backgrounds in engineering, financial operations and information technology.  Previous experience includes working at first tier investment banks, hedge funds, government engineering projects, technology companies and start-ups. We have many years' experience of delivering critical IT systems and services and working with clients to deliver solutions tailored to their requirements.
About Us
CarbonOps was founded in 2004. Our enterprise carbon management solutions have been deployed at major utilities, corporates, investment funds and carbon offset companies in the UK and abroad. Our platform is scalable, robust and secure and meets all the requirements of multi-national enterprises.
ClimateLinked - Carbon and Energy data management and reporting.
Proplan - CDM/JI Project Management
CPCP - EU-ETS Compliance and Trading for Utilities
Full range of implementation services :